Glance Agent - Updates your lock screen

Glance Agent lock screen Glance Agent lock screen Glance Agent lock screen

With your next scheduled alarm, reminder or custom note.

Set your app's live tile source and Glance Agent does the work.

Keep track of completed tasks in the reminders archive folder.

See today's date or calendar localized to your culture of choice.

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  • Use speech to enter alarm/reminder text
  • Filter reminders by category or time period
  • Optional pre-reminder toast notifications
  • Lock screen, live tiles integration.

  • Dual timezone clock/alarm display
  • Alarms are active while phone is locked
  • Selectable Windows phone alarm sounds
  • Custom LCD color and background images
  • Tap on alarm to toggle on or off

  • Check your phone's clock accuracy to the msec
  • Over 70 cultures, Internet time and more...
  • Runs on WP 8, 8.1 or Windows mobile 10...
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Glance Agent v2.1 is available in a free ad-supported version.
You can remove the ads with an in-app product purchase for $1.99.
Or run ad free for one day when you first install Glance Agent.
Download a  free version today from your Windows phone.

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