EditBox - Dictation with cursor control

WEST CHESTER, Pa.- Jun 7,  2016 -- FileTrak Software's latest EditBox release, v9.1, now includes a OneNote agent that allows styled text content to be saved as OneNote pages on OneDrive.  This free version features custom colors, fonts and sip keyboard type selection as well as text read-out with any corresponding dowloaded language pack. EditBox allows you to use speech-to-text (STT) with any other app's textbox controls, such as those in Microsoft's OneNote or Calendar applications.

An enhanced soft input panel (sip) with cursor control buttons makes it easy to correct any resulting STT errors.  By using the task switcher and clipboard, you can transfer text in and out of EditBox to your app.  A special STT express mode makes the transfer even easier.

The OneNote agent allows you to download EditBox pages from OneDrive and view or edit them in their original format. You can also share content via SMS or Email or save it as a OneNote page. Log in to your OneDrive account and display all your OneNote notebooks and their corresponding sections. Display a list of all your OneNote pages sorted alphabetically or by time, filter results according to date, search text, notebook or section location. Set a favorite list of OneNote pages and open non-EditBox pages in OneNote. 

This demo video posted on YouTube highlights how using EditBox could save you time and effort when using Microsoft's Calendar application. EditBox also offers easy to use text-to-speech with multilingual support,  which can make language practice fun!

Users can upgrade to EditBox+ with higher text buffer capacity and options for a standard SIP or wide content textbox. The EditBox+ features may also be unlocked from the free ad-supported version by running in clock mode for a period of time. You can download EditBox from the productivity category in the Windows Phone store. An ad-free trial version of Editbox+ with limited features is also available.

FileTrak Software, a SharePoint and start-up Windows phone app developer, plans to release additional WP apps with EditBox Inside.

Note: STT conversions on WP 10 use Cortana textbox dictation and a speech textbox on WP 8.x. Language selection is easily made from a drop-down listbox (WP 8.x) or directly from the SIP keyboard in WP 10. The speech and auto correction screens apply and only appear in the app when the speech textbox is used.

Lumia 920 mock-up

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