Editing text in the standard textbox control takes more effort than is necessary due to the nature of the onscreen soft input panel(SIP). This SIP keyboard lacks caret control keys, and positioning the caret on a particular character is a hit and miss proposition requiring a tap and hold gesture.

Selecting text in order to delete or copy it to the clipboard also requires some dexterity while moving anchor points on the screen. This lack of precise control, as well as the difficulty of tapping the right character keys in the first place, can make the editing experience less than optimal.

Using speech-to-text conversion can help overcome the difficulty inherent in using the small size SIP keyboard to enter text, but the results often include unintended word conversions, capitalization or punctuation marks.

So while using speech can make text input faster and less cumbersome, one often finds that corrections have to be made which, without precise caret positioning control, becomes a time consuming task in itself.

The guiding concept behind the development of EditBox was to enhance text input and selection by offering caret control with automatic scrolling, easy text selection and corrective speech-to-text conversions.

You will save time and effort while entering text in other applications by switching to EditBox and transferring text back via the clipboard.

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