ChromaNote - With searchable database!

WEST CHESTER, Pa.- Jan 27,  2017 -- Three years in the making, ChromaNote v5.1 is now available to all in the marketplace store.  Use dictation with your phone's installed speech languages to create notes in labeled folders. The notes list can be filtered by category, date or other search criteria.

Two independent notes lists are accessible from the main pivot page. The 'find' pivot header is used to display a list of only those notes that match the search filter criteria. The use of an expander control optimizes the listbox viewing area to show each note's title and date. Tapping an entry will expand the item to show the first two lines of content. In full view mode, you can page through all the notes in the selected list.

With an in-app purchase, notes can be designated private and optionally included in the notes list.  A 'show private items' toggle will display the notes once a password has been entered. Private notes are encrypted and can be emailed in encoded format and decoded using ChromaNote on WP 8+.

Unique to ChromaNote is the use of an 'Editbox' control for editing text. You can move the caret and select text using buttons, choose font family, text size and even your own custom colors for each note. Additional features include note sorting options, OneDrive encrypted backup, custom date formats with language localization, OneNote export, pin to start, voice read out and user guide.

As your total notes count increases, use the Delta list expansion (TM) feature to control how many entries are displayed even when the app's  database contains thousands of notes. You can fast start the app to create a new note and display as few as the last four modified entries.

Whether you make use of the 'Heard You Say' option or tap 'play' to read out notes, you will find this app can help you learn a language or improve your accent. In order to use speech-to-text conversions with a second language, you will first have to download the appropriate language pack.

ChromaNote runs on both Windows Phone 8.x and Windows Mobile 10. Various in-app products extend the functionality of the app and all current and future enhancements can be purchased for $4.99.

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Note: STT conversions on WP 10 use Cortana textbox dictation and a speech textbox on WP 8.x. Language selection is easily made from a drop-down listbox (WP 8.x) or directly from the SIP keyboard in WP 10. The speech and auto correction screens apply and only appear in the app when the speech textbox is used.

Lumia 920 mock-up

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